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High quality

BRC - British Retail Consortium Certificate

We thought we went through the certification process and today we can be proud of receiving a certificate. The certificate ensures that the management system of MARION Sp. z o.o. meets the requirements of the BRCP standard. BRC CP certified companies exercise due diligence in design development, inspection and production.

Obtaining the certificate by MARION Sp. z o.o. confirms that the products we manufacture, both for our own brand and those produced by us in the Privat Label sector, have been manufactured with high quality and are safe for consumers.


FSC CoC Cerificate

At MARION, we are aware of the importance of ecology and the protection of natural forest resources. We have an FSC CoC certificate, which we take as proof of the appropriate origin of the wood materials we use and a guarantee that they come from well-managed FSC-certified forests.

FSC Chain of Custody certification (FSC CoC) verifies that FSC-certified material has been correctly identified and separated from uncertified and uncontrolled materials - throughout the entire supply chain, from A to B.

By choosing products with the FSC label, you support responsible forest management in the world


The Roundtable On Sustainable Palm Oil Certificate

For several years, in line with the trend, we have focused on all activities that support environmental protection.

We are attentive to issues related to ecology and for years we have consciously managed waste management, we use recycled or recyclable packaging.

The RSPO certificate that we have just received confirms the implementation and development of sustainable palm oil production and processing standards around the world.

RSPO focuses its efforts on promoting the use of palm oil from plantations that has not contributed to the destruction of natural ecosystems.


In addition to numerous prizes and awards, that indicate the high quality of our products, we have received several awards for all activities and achievements.

Confirmation of compliance with the guidelines related to the provision of the highest quality is ISO Certificate 9001:2008, and ISO 22716:2007. It show compliance with the standards at every stage of production and provide customers with the highest quality of our products.